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صادرات پیچ و مهره

About us

Bolt and nuts company produces all kinds of iron, dry, steel and brass half-ribbed and full-ribbed hexagon bolts, pointed and cylindrical Allen screws, production and sale of Stud Bolts, U Bolts, L Bolts, G Bolts, e-bolt and anchor bolt in accordance with global standards and quality control tests at the request of customers of this company. Bolt and nut Company produces and supplies industrial bolts and nuts with reliable standards, the simplest of which are used in various industries, such as DIN933 and DIN931 standard hexagon bolts, which are in different classes, Allen screws also have DIN and shape It provides various types of screws such as head, head, cylindrical and other head, gable, automatic, two-sided, four-sided and special screws all over the country.

This company started its business in 2015 by selling bolts and nuts, and now in these years, due to several years of experience, it has been able to have the best quality in the market by relying on the world’s knowledge and its skilled workforce.

About bolts and nuts

Another very widely used concept in the world of bolts and nuts is the class of bolts and nuts, which is controversial for steel and iron bolts and even steel bolts and shows the mechanical capabilities of bolts in terms of the type of materials used in Production is also. Heat treatment of mm bolts and nuts produced according to ASTM, ISO or German DIN standards, bolts and nuts have different classes 4.8, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Steel bolts and nuts are often identified by two classes, A2, representing A2 steel bolts, and A4, representing 316 steel bolts.

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